Our Mission

Here in Purchasing Campaign Management, we are responsible for all limango’s sales promotions!  We work with a broad range of partners and contacts – for example, directly with manufacturers or in-house with Purchasing and Content Production. Our main job is to ensure that our customers are presented with an attractive and enticing shop where they can browse and make purchases whenever and wherever they want.

How we work

We are natural born organizers! Every day, we check which promotions are pending and make sure they are implemented – from sorting and processing the products in our shop through to ordering the goods from the manufacturer, overseeing deliveries and dealing with service requests. We make sure that everything is just where it should be!

Our Team

In our team, we are always busy! Every day is different because there is so much interaction with our partners and contacts and, at times, it can be stressful. All the more reason why it is important for us to take time to tend to our team spirit and squeeze in the odd creative coffee break together!