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Our mission

Here in limango IT, we regularly develop new and innovative features that give our customers an even better shopping experience at limango. From our shop and limango app through to the development of better customer service tools, more efficient customer service and product maintenance processes and faster processing of your orders, we are always in demand and dedicated to creating the optimal shopping experience for our limango customers!

How we work

We work in small teams, using agile processes and working with the product owner to analyze and understand the wishes and needs of their customers and departments, and to provide them with solutions. In doing so, we improve the respective products iteratively, and our Scrum organization enables us to optimize our processes and their interaction permanently.

Our team

 We are a dynamic and very international team that draws its strength from our individual characters, different professional backgrounds and very different skill sets . Teamwork and communication are paramount to us … because, in the end, whether it is PHP, Javascript or Go that we prefer to speak, we are all working together to achieve our common goals as efficiently and smoothly as possible.

Interne IT

Our Mission

To keep limango’s technical operations running smoothly. Availability, efficiency and service are critical in this job. We are the point of contact whenever the end user has technical concerns and we ensure the smooth running of limango’s business activities from behind the scenes.

How we work

We all support each other and encourage independent ideas and projects. We endeavor to automate our day-to-day business as much as possible, and we combine our long-term infrastructure planning with realistic solutions in order to address the challenges of fast-moving e-commerce business.

Our Team

Working autonomously is not a problem for us but we are also brilliant at working together, and we are slightly crazy … in a good way!;) Team spirit and mutual support are very important to us.