Our Mission

To ensure that our promotions always include the right products at the right prices for our limango customers and that the product selection – both for our private shopping channel and for our outlet – is perfect. As purchasing team, it is our job to pinpoint and acquire the most exciting brands on the market for our target group.

How we work

On the one hand, we take a very sales-oriented approach while, on the other, we are very analytical. We visit trade fairs throughout Europe and are always looking for new trends for our limango customers. We are creative, daring and fast: Trying out and testing products is, of course, all part of our job. In order to find out whether we are taking the right approach, we rely on analytical processes which help us make constant improvements, for example, with regards to the choice of products and customer discounts.

Our Team

Purchasing is a large division and we are split into several smaller, specialized teams. We are passionate about our jobs and about our respective shopping categories! We are a team and enjoy working together.