Our Mission

Travel – Our goal at limango Travel is to put together varied and inspiring holiday offers for the whole family. We pay particular attention to the services and all-inclusive packages that we provide, guaranteeing the success of every family holiday.


Deals – Always among the frontrunners when it comes to finding the latest trends!  Our knack for knowing what our members need and our good contacts are what set us apart. Almost all our products are tested by our deal-purchasers – from frying pans to black masks to clothes steamers!


Marketplace – limango Marketplace is constantly on the look-out for new brands. From the tiniest to the largest products, our Marketplace offers every partner a solution.

How we work

We are sales professionals and spend our time identifying trends for our target audience and negotiating great offers for our members, whether for Deals, Travel or Marketplace. Market research, acquisitions and always maintaining a clear overview are what keep us on our toes every day!

Our Team

We are a multi-talented team from a wide range of professional backgrounds – and that is exactly the charm of our team! We share a common set of objectives.  We all benefit and learn from each other’s experience. We enjoy going out for dinner together after work or spending time together at playing table soccer.