Our Mission

Customer focus and data protection is what we are about. We are driven by a deep desire to provide competent support for our customers so that they can enjoy the best-possible all-round shopping experience! We make every effort to ensure our customers remain loyal to limango, even if they might have had reason to complain. Customer satisfaction is the name of the game and is something we work on every single day. We are proud to have already been awarded the “German Service Award”.

How we work

We are a large team and reflect a wide range of characters. On the one hand, we have the challenge to provide standard responses to all our customer inquiries based on the same set of guidelines and standards. On the other, we need to react to different problems with tailored responses that provide the best possible solution. In order to accomplish our mission, it is essential that our various service teams (email, telephone, social media, customer complaints, payment and Hermes) work hand in hand and support each other. We are constantly optimizing and automatizing our standard procedures so that we can support our customers even more effectively.

Our Team

Despite the size of the team, the atmosphere is sincere and caring!  We all gain from each other’s know-how, strengths and individual qualities. Both team members and other limangos can rely on our help and support at all times!